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Atmosphere - Fishing Blues Album Download

Atmosphere – Fishing Blues Album Download

Atmosphere – Fishing Blues Album Download Details:

Artist: Atmosphere
Album: Fishing Blues
Genre: Rap / Hip & Hop
Original Release Date: 2016
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 134 MB

Atmosphere – Fishing Blues Album Download Proof:

Atmosphere - Fishing Blues Album Download

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Atmosphere – Fishing Blues Album Tracklist:

  1. Like a Fire
  2. Ringo
  3. Besos
  4. Pure Evil (feat. Ibe)
  5. Perfect
  6. Seismic Waves
  7. Next To You (feat. deM atlaS)
  8. The S**t That We’ve Been Through
  9. When the Lights Go Out (feat. DOOM & Kool Keith)
  10. No Biggie
  11. Everything
  12. Chasing New York (feat. Aesop Rock)
  13. Sugar
  14. Fishing Blues (feat. The Grouch)
  15. Won’t Look Back (feat. Kim Manning)
  16. Anybody That I’ve Known
  17. Still Be Here
  18. A Long Hello


Official from Atmosphere Channel:

About Atmosphere – Fishing Blues Album Proof:

Ollowing last month’s Soundset achievement, Slug halted by Riley in the Morning and The Present’s Oake to declare a new Atmosphere album and introduction its direct solitary.

True Atmosphere enthusiasts could have imagined a record was in the air. Although none of these eight tracks will be on the record with various guest emcees including Blueprint, deM atlaS and Aeseop Rock, Slug and Ant have introduced a tune per month since September 2015.

“When I began releasing these singles I was excited about trying new things and before I understood it me and Ant were producing an album again. I was like, ‘Why can this construction not break? What do they phone a mix tape, it?’ Y’know, despite the fact that it is maybe not a tape. ‘We’ll phone it …’ – but we could not. We put together a complete record with a lot of tunes,” states Slug.

“It is a fascinating thing to even contemplate the notion of the record right now because lots of our contemporaries no longer always care about this, but we are aged! Because that is how I was raised and we’ll be adhered making records eternally. That is how I chose music in when I was a child.”

Fishing Blues — out Aug. 1 2, 2016 via Rhymesayers — wasn’t the first record name. Slug and Ant noticed a decal in a lake on the side of a canoe, and it adhered. “All the tunes are around fishing, and I do not suggest actually about fishing, but all the tunes are around attempting to ensure something; attempting to discover some thing; fishing for compliments; fishing for substantiation; fishing for foods, love, cash,” describes Slug.

The direct solitary, “Ringo,” isn’t always autobiographical, nor is it about anyone individual (including Mr. Starr). Rather, it is about a trip.

“Searching at myself and some of my buddies and viewing these of us that ‘stay that lifestyle’ for a long time period you can locate yourself in job reversals: the notion of the falling star; the thought of the man that is on the best of the globe and after that abruptly on the very low. Or viceversa, the man that is on very low but manages to elevate himself outside and place himself on leading.”


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